Breaking the Pain Cycle, getting back to Yoga

Yoga, including stretching & strength building, is excellent for creating and maintaining a body that is fit, pain free & able to move with grace.  Sometimes though, we get into a cycle where we have an injury or an area of the body that is chronically  painful.  Sometimes, no matter how much stretching and/or strengthening we do in an area, we can find it hard to get out of the pain cycle.  The following are my two GO TO remedies for breaking these cycles so I can get back to the mat with ease and grace.

Golden Milk.  This is a classic Ayurvedic remedy that will benefit us all.  It is an excellent Anti-Inflammatory and really great for your joints.  It is perfect to drink before bed.  After drinking you will usually wake up a bit less achy.  I recommend drinking it 4-5 nights in a row to break your pain cycle, but it can be drank daily.  It’s very simple to make, you can find many recipes on line like this Golden Milk Recipe.

.  This is what I do:

One cup Coconut Milk

1 inch Chunk of Ginger, ground

1 inch Chunk of Turmeric, ground

4-5 whole peppercorns

Simmer for 10 minutes, strain and add Honey to taste.  Yum!

Fresh Veggie Juice. Vegetables provide many nutrients that are essential to healing.  Juicing fresh vegetables will give you a quick nutrient boost that is easily accessible by your cells.  You can juice yourself or go to a juice bar and have them do the work for you!  I recommend drinking fresh juice 4-5 days in a row to really boost your immune system & break out of your pain cycle.  This is a great article with more information about Why Fresh Juice.

Please note that I am not a physician or in any way able to diagnose or recommend with authority any medical advice.  I am only recommending strategies that have worked for me and I want to share the benefits that I have found with others.  Please consult your doctor if you are having any serious pain or injury.


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